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Mission to Kenya

Over 8,000 miles separates Kenya from San Diego,CA...

 ... yet we have been called abroad to do great works! Extended Hands Worldwide Ministries has been diligently looking for a project or mission in which we can #ExtendOurHands while leaving a LONG-TERM impact on the communities involved.

Kitale is an agricultural town in western Kenya, home of the village "Umoja". This area is characterized by many social and environmental problems which lead to high poverty, illiteracy, and HIV/AIDS rates in the region. St. Kizito Orphanage Children Center was developed in 2004 to set a new standard and steer the youth away from these commonalities. We are positioned to assist and nourish these communities through charitable works and donations.

There is a tremendous need for livestock, and we are fortunate enough to team up with Pastor Alfred Juma and the Umoja Church of Christ to be vessel to the people! Two cattle can go a very long way; provide dairy, mate & breed, generate income, etc...

Your importations make a HUGE difference! The village of Umoja is prime for agricultural and we want to be able to plant physical seeds, financial seeds, and spiritual seeds into their community.

St. Kizito Orphanage Children Center

St. Kizito Orphanage Children Center

Our goal is only 10k!!!

Help us do something GREAT 

by donating, you are Extending Your Hands thousands of miles, overseas to directly impact those in need.

We have 8-10 eager volunteers who are willing to pay their own round-trip flights, but we need EVERYONE to pitch in and help us hit our goals so that we may impart livestock and wellness in their community.

**If you cannot donate, please pass it along to someone who may be able to.